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Vacuum Cleaner DREAME R10 Handheld/Cordless 350 Watts Capacity 0.6 l Weight 1.65 kg

215,69 €
Vacuum cleaner type Handheld/Cordless, Rated power 350 Watts, Work time 1 hours, Dust bin capacity 0.6 l, Unit Net Weight 1.65 kg
Peržiūrėti visas prekes DREAME
R10 delivers a consistent and powerful suction power of 120AW with an independent motor, which means the suction is remarkably stable during cleanup. The design of brush head lights enhances cleaning performance. Light up dark spaces with illuminate dim spaces and dark corners with the bright LEDs clean dirt and dust you may normally miss. Bright LEDs reveal hidden debris and dust in otherwise inaccessible areas, such as behind furniture and in dark crevices. The Multi-surface brush with V-shaped bristle utilizes a unique front aperture design to removes hair, dirt, and other debris from virtually any flooring while comb-like teeth detangle hair to keep your cleaning simple and convenient. The innovative front aperture design of the V-shaped brush helps it vacuum up large debris and particles on carpets. The multi-surface brush with V-shaped bristles makes cleaning hair a snap,concentrating hair towards the comb-like teeth design. The comb-like teeth help to detangle hair and allow hair that has been picked up to move directly into the dust cup, keeping cleaning simple and quick. A wider range of motion can be attained by just utilizing the combo tool. Extending the brush allows you to clean keyboards in greater depth, while retracting it allows you to clean tight spaces like the back of a bookcase. The advanced five-layer filtration system captures fine dust and particles and keeps them away from the air with a filtration efficiency of up to 99.9%. The advanced multi-cone dust collector filters dust from the air, ensuring dust goes into the dust cup where it can be dumped with the push of a button.

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