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Graphics Card ASUS GeForce RTX 2060 12 GB 192 bit PCIE 3.0 16x GDDR6 Two point Seven Slot Fansink 1xDVI-D 2xHDMI 1xDisplayPort

491,89 €
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Graphics memory size 12 GB, 192 bit, PCIE 3.0 16x, GDDR6, Memory CLK 14 Gbps, GPU boost clock 1710 MHz, 7680x4320, Cooling Two point Seven Slot Fansink, 1xDVI-D, 2xHDMI, 1xDisplayPort
Peržiūrėti visas prekes ASUS
ASUS Dual GeForce RTX™ 2060 EVO OC Edition 12GB GDDR6 features two powerful Axial-tech fans for AAA gaming performance and ray tracing. - NVIDIA TURING™ GPU architecture and the all-new RTX platform provides up to 6X the performance of previous-generation graphics cards and brings the power of real-time ray tracing and AI to games. - DirectX 12 enables new visual effects and rendering techniques for more lifelike gaming. - NVIDIA Shadowplay™ Record and share high-quality gameplay videos, screenshots, and livestreams with your friends. - OC Edition: Boost Clock 1710 MHz (OC Mode)/ 1680 MHz (Gaming Mode) - Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure. - 2.7-slot Design expands cooling surface area to make the most of the two powerful Axial-tech fans. - 0dB Technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. - Auto-Extreme Technology uses automation to enhance reliability. - A protective backplate prevents PCB flex and trace damage. - GPU Tweak II provides intuitive performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring. - A 144-hour Validation Program puts cards through a series of stringent tests to ensure compatibility with the latest games.

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