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NB komp. priedas LOCK CLICKSAFE 461-10169 DELL

49,59 €
Peržiūrėti visas prekes DELL
Clicksafe Lock for all Dell security slots - Kensington and Noble From the industry leaders that have been providing premium security solutions for more than 30 years, Kensington lets you give your employees superior and effortless device security with the ClickSafe® Lock designed for Dell® laptops and tablets. Compatible with either the Kensington Security Slot™ or the Noble slot, ClickSafe locks offer one-click, keyless engagement combines with premium materials and anti-theft technology to make protecting Dell laptops and tablets easier than ever. - The 1-Step Security Solution - push lock head to secure - Tough yet small lock head offers uncompromised security for a wide variety of laptops and devices - 5mm Keying System featuring patented anti-pick Hidden Pin Technology is compatible for custom solutions across different styles of Kensington locks from Dell. - Strong Lock Head tested against the most rigorous and thorough standards in the industry, the lock is tamper-resistant and will durably perform time after time - ClickSafe® Security Anchors : Included are anchors that fit either the industry-standard Kensington Security Slot™ or the security slot from Noble™. The anchor securely mounts into the corresponding slot on the device and allows a ClickSafe lock head to be attached in a single click. - Includes one T-bar anchors and one wedge anchor - ClickSafe® Lock provides one-step security after the correct anchor has been installed into the Dell laptop or tablet - Carbon steel cable resists cutting attempts and anchors to desk, table or any fixed structure - One-handed engagement without need to use a key - Carbon Steel Cable : Offering the same level of cut-resistance and theft-resistance as thicker cables, the carbon steel cable with plastic sheath offers security and greater mobility with 6 feet of cable. - Verified & Tested : Engineered to Kensington’s rigorous specifications and third-party standards in torque/pull, foreign implements, lock lifecycle, corrosion, key strength and other environmental conditions - Register & Retrieve : Kensington’s online key registration program that allows for quick, secure and easy key replacement if it ever gets lost or stolen

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