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Krepšys kompiuteriui TRAVELER 15.6" ELM8881-15 ELEMENT

60,06 €
Peržiūrėti visas prekes ELEMENT
ELEMENT laptop bag Traveler 15.6 " We developed the Element Traveler bag with users in mind, for whom a laptop is an indispensable thing in their everyday life, wherever they are. As such, it must also be adequately protected. Traveler is just right for that. It is made of materials that are easier to clean and at the same time offer protection against spillage. The zippers are made of quality material and at the same time are protected by the so-called ASP system (anti splash system), which prevents liquid from passing through the zipper into the inside of the bag and thus damaging your laptop. With its seven padded pockets, it offers you more than enough space to store and carry your documents, tablets, mobile phones and personal items. The bag can be used as a handbag or over-the-shoulder bag, as it comes with a shoulder strap that can be quickly and easily installed or stowed away when you no longer need it. With its dark gray exterior and blue satin interior, Traveler will truly attract the eye. The Traveler bag is an ideal choice for those who want a quality bag that will serve you and your laptop more than perfectly - laptop bag up to 15.6 "(39.90 cm) - 7 drawers for safe carrying of laptop and other items - 2 inside pockets + 1 freestanding large inside pocket with strap to secure your laptop - 4 outer pockets - included strap for over-shoulder carrying the bag - color: black-dark gray / blue

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