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Kuprinė kompiuteriui SPIRIT 15.6" ELM9502-15 ELEMENT

34,49 €
Peržiūrėti visas prekes ELEMENT
Element backpack for laptop Spirit 15.6" Element Spirit backpack is the fruit of Slovenian design, designed from a quality material that is resistant to spillage , easy to clean and ensures a long service life . The back and carrying straps of the backpack are padded , which will ensure a comfortable carrying of your laptop. Spirit is designed to evenly regulate weight throughout the body while wearing it, to reduce the strain on your back and shoulders, thus giving you more control while moving. The back is made of high-tech so-called " ANTI SWEAT " reinforced mesh fabric, which facilitates the flow of air between the backpack and the body, while allowing you to sweat less. Inside the backpack, there is a large free compartment for your laptop up to 15.6 ". Outside there are two large zippered compartments that have many separate smaller pockets and spaces to carry your belongings such as tablets, phones, keys and the like. In its black and gray color, Spirit will attract attention wherever you appear. backpack for laptops up to 15.6 "(39.60 cm) inner drawer with dedicated laptop pocket + drawer for storing small items 2x multi-purpose outer side pockets 2x larger outer pockets with zipper (in one 3x smaller pockets, suitable for pen, business cards etc .. + 1x inner pocket (mesh) with zipper) dimensions: ~ 47 x ~ 39 x ~ 6.5 cm color: black

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