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Portable Speaker N-GEAR FLASH 610 Black Wireless Bluetooth

62,11 €
FLASH 610, Colour Black, Speaker features Wireless, Speaker Output Power 100, Volume control, Bluetooth, Microphone Input, Dimensions 210 x 194 x 370 mm
Peržiūrėti visas prekes N-GEAR
The N-gear FLASH provides energy for every occasion.
Get together, enjoy it alone or party all night long with all the music lovers you know.

A party is not complete without music, share a moment, create a great party atmosphere, together with friends and family. Give yourself a boost with good music, building a good atmosphere is all you need. Music is for everyone and N-gear Makes You Move with the Flash series.

With the new FLASH 610 from N-GEAR you have the party in your hands! The FLASH 610 has a power of 100 watts with a 6 "inch (16 cm) woofer and a playing time of no less than 6 hours! Connect your phone and/or tablet via Bluetooth and sing along to your favorite songs via the included microphone. in the front panel makes your party complete, you can also connect an SD card, a USB or an AUX device!Heavy sound, light movement, party mode, karaoke mode, wireless fun, easy to use, easy to charge, easy to connect, easy to party.

Other uses for the N-gear FLASH
Are you going to the gym?
Are you working hard?
Are you going to barbecue?
Are you going to give a presentation?
Have a picnic?
Go on holiday?
Are you alone and just want to enjoy your favorite music?

N-gear is here for you.
Thanks for taking N-gear as your party gear.
If you'd like to learn more about us and our range, we've got lots of great unique audio and party solutions, from disco lights to party speakers for every occasion

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