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515,93 €
Model Renewd® iPhone 12 Purple 128GB, Built-in storage 128 GB, RAM 4GB, Purple, 3G, LTE, 5G, OS iOS 14.1, Screen 6.1", 2532 x 1170, OLED, CPU Hexa-core (2x3.1 GHz Firestorm + 4x1.8 GHz Icestorm), Dual SIM, 1xNano-SIM card tray, 1xLightning, Camera 12MP+12MP, Front-facing Camera 12MP, Bluetooth/USB/NFC/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5, GPS / geotagging, Battery capacity 2815 mAh, Dimensions 146.7x71.5x7.4mm, Weight 0.164 kg
Peržiūrėti visas prekes RENEWD
Renewd® iPhone
Renewd® is the sustainable alternative for your new iPhone. The Renewd®
iPhone is a used iPhone of the highest quality imaginable, which works
perfectly technically. For every Renewd® iPhone sold, a donation is made to a
reforestation project in Ethiopia. You will cut costs, and you will contribute to a
more sustainable future too!
But what makes Renewd® so reliable? A Renewd® iPhone has been thoroughly
checked and cleaned by certified specialists and tested with official software of
the manufacturer. This way Renewd® makes sure that every device contains
100% Original Parts, is in perfect technical condition and that there is no
chance of defects caused by fake parts. Each Renewd® iPhone is delivered in a
sustainable packaging and is updated to the latest iOS version available at the
time of the process.
The iPhone from Renewd® comes with the official Dutch Refurbished
Certificate. To qualify for this certificate, the products and the company must
meet strict requirements, based on quality and service, among other things. Up
to now, this is still the only recognised certificate for used electronics
worldwide. You know for sure that you are buying a good product!
The Renewd® process is fully in line with that of the manufacturer, which
makes the products even more sustainable. By using Original Parts, we meet
Apple's strict sustainability requirements and ensure that no products with an
excessive environmental footprint are introduced to the market. The iPhone
gets a second life and together we prevent it from ending up as e-waste far
too soon.
When you choose a product from Renewd®, you choose excellent service. In the
unlikely event that something is wrong with your iPhone, you are entitled to a
2-year warranty and can make use of the Free Pick-Up & Return Service. We
will pick up the iPhone from your home and return it to you after repair.
Renewd®: Affordable and Green!
Please note that these are used products and may contain minimal signs of
Renewd® in short:
• Affordable and Green
• 100% Original Parts
• The strictest control on the market
• Fully in line with the manufacturer
• Free Pick-Up & Return Service

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