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40,70 €
USB, Number of buttons 15, Bluetooth, Colour Black, Battery Rechargeable
Peržiūrėti visas prekes TRUST
Rechargeable wireless gaming controller with triple connections and multiplatform support. With not one, not two, but three ways of connecting the Muta to your device, the decision is up to you. Choose from the 2.4 GHz USB receiver, Bluetooth®, or USB cable - so much choice! Pick up every micro-movement with the Muta’s pressure-sensitive triggers, designed to give you precise and accurate control in all your games. Gaming good. Plastic bad. With the Muta’s composition of 75% recycled materials, you can enjoy gaming with added peace of mind that you’re playing your part for the planet too. Want to use your Muta on PC? Sure. How about laptop? Of course! Android? You got it. Heck, the Muta even lets you play on iOS, Nintendo Switch and more too. Multiplatform magic. We know you’ll love the Muta’s wireless capability, but we thought we’d be super nice and let you play when it’s charging too – with the extra-long 3m cable, you can play wired so the game never stops! Taste is a very personal thing, so why shouldn’t that apply to controllers too? Make the Muta the perfect fit for you with its two interchangeable D-pad covers for a (literal) personal touch. The Muta is no ordinary controller – with its awesome Nintendo Switch motion sensor, you can use it with motion control-compatible games for even more fun. How cool is that? Ever wanted to teleport right into the centre of your game? Well, now you can, thanks to the Muta’s realistic adaptable vibration feedback for a fully immersive gaming experience. Awesome!

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