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3D Printer XYZPRINTING Technology Stereolithography Apparatus Nobel 1.0A size 280 x 345 x 590 mm

1 985,55 €
Nobel 1.0A
Peržiūrėti visas prekes XYZPRINTING
Enjoy twice-enhanced precision! Nobel 1.0A SL technology has been upgraded, improving the precision of the engine’s laser point to 130 microns (the precision of the Nobel 1.0 is 300 microns), resulting in higher accuracy even with complex and intricate detail. Printing speed has also been improved. Smart integration Easy and hassle-free operation The Nobel 1.0A is capable of monitoring the printing process and displaying the amount of resin remaining at any time. The printer is plug and play, featuring resin-filling functions that are optimised to laser parameters, requiring zero manual operations. XYZware_Nobel software is able to analyse the features of the model automatically and add support structures where necessary, ensuring that any design can be represented perfectly. Various materials to offer versatile applications The Nobel 1.0A delivers 3D printing by photopolymer resin. The professional R&D team at XYZprinting has implemented stringent testing to develop various resin materials. Currently, the Nobel 1.0A is capable of using multicoloured acrylic, flexible resin and castable resins in versatile applications while perfectly meeting the requirements of different users, such as jewellers and other artisans.

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